Boom 3D

The famous Mac platform volume enhancement/optimization software Boom launched the latest version on June 7th: Boom 3D. This new product adds the protagonist of this update to the Boom 2: 3D surround sound solution package. A similar design has already been experienced in Boom for iOS, while the new version also includes independent control of each sound source, a richer sound suite and a newly designed equalizer configuration page.

For thousands of years, no matter whether it is a arborist family or a yellow-crowned grass, it has a good pursuit of “hearing senses”. However, I don’t know if you have observed that the “native music” brings us more and less pure feelings.

First of all, the instrument we invented changed from primitive to refined, and then refined to simplified. Such as: from the slamming beside the cave fire in the barbaric period, to the large-scale combination instrument of the popular millennium, and then to the garage to record the sample by the “guitar bass drum”, and finally evolved to use a computer to get it. In the middle of the music, I personally think that the Renaissance and its later period are the peak period of human music development. The miraculous civilizations of the Baroque organ and the symphony were born here. Secondly, the environment in which we visit live music is more and more limited. From the large-scale ceremonial site to the opera house, from the outdoor park to the Live Pub, and finally to the bed at home; finally, the form of our collection of music also experienced the process of simplifying the media of “Visco-Cable-CD-MP3”. The auditory benefits brought by MP3 can’t be compared with vinyl, but we can only use the “technical” way to find this advanced sound sense, which sounds a bit embarrassing. .

Some are far away, let’s go back to the theme, Boom 3D tries to help users find back to listen to live music or more realistic sound effects through seven adjustable point 3D stereo kits, but when you turn on Boom (requires two steps, Start the sound enhancement of the Boom software itself, then open the 3D surround sound kit, the two are not combined. Then you can get the daily operation through the Menubar.

On the Menubar, you can choose the preset equalizer to control the size of the Boom sound. You can adjust the notification center message push, iTunes volume or the audio content in the Safari webpage independently, so as not to interfere with the elegance of your music and not miss the key information. Push. In addition to enhancing the sound of embedded local music, Boom 3D is also taking care of some applications this time, as long as you play games, play Apple Music, watch videos, use Spotify and Skype, you will get Boom 3D support.

The main window design has not changed much compared with 2.0. In addition to the original two sound modes, three new members, ‘Night Mode’, ‘Spatial’ and “Pitch,” have been added. The interface of the equalizer adjustment parameters has been fine-tuned.

Click on the blue button ‘3D Surround Sound’ to enter its configuration page, where you can use the remote control to switch the speakers in each position as you would in your own audio room to control the sound enhancement points around your ear. You can experience the huge difference between opening and closing with a single click, and the largest speaker “Bass Control” behind ‘You Behind’ can also adjust the volume separately.

To enjoy Boom 3D, it is recommended that you wear headphones. The software allows you to select the corresponding audio output device according to the type of headphones you wear. This allows you to experience the enhanced sound effects more precisely. You can choose “ear-mounted” in the settings. Many types of earphones, such as “ear-hook”, “in-ear”, and “ear-plug”.

Boom 3D brings the sensory experience of the 3D surround sound kit more violently than iOS, especially the bass part makes the music look fuller, even if you listen to the Boom 3D for a minute and then enjoy the ordinary sound mode, you will feel obvious. gap. Currently the software is available in a 15-day trial version, and interested friends can try it out for $16.99. Upgrading from the MAS 2.0 version only costs 40% off.

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