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Today’s protagonist Capto is another brand new work developed by Boom and Camera+ application company Global Delight last night. Capto provides screen recording (screenshot) and can save, manage, edit and upload recorded videos. Obviously, the “mashup” route is taken. You can think of it as a weak fit between Pixave and ScreenFlow. Why is it called “weak fit”? Because of the organizational form, Capto has the shadow of the above two softwares, but the functional professionalism is not as high as the height of the two softwares, but it does not matter, Capto is a lightweight operation style, easy to use, The threshold is very low, suitable for students, teachers, developers to record tutorials, notes, online courses and many other uses.

Capto’s core function is screen video recording and editing. After launching the software, an operation menu will be placed on the Menubar (normal can’t be too ordinary, ICON design is ugly, disproportionate), you can take screenshots on it (full screen, area) , window, App menu), screen recording (full screen, area), web page capture (can be exported to PDF) three sets of operations, the software provides hotkey operation, and the user can customize the hotkey.

To start with the example, after selecting full-screen recording, the screen enters standby state. At this time, you can select many settings, such as selecting the recording sound, recording the sound outside the device (requires the component to be installed), selecting the cursor when recording, and highlighting the cursor click action. The maximum FPS can be up to 60. Press CMD+Shift+Esc to turn off recording.

The recorded video is automatically stored in the database. In fact, these processes have been introduced in many screenshot/screening software. The stored video can be renamed, copied/pasted, and added to Title, Tag, Notes and other operations.

Let’s talk about Capto’s second core function: “Video Editing”, Capto provides “Cut”, “Annotation”, “Volume Control” function, “Cut” provides video start and cut and video size cropping. Very good operation. The “Annotation” function is Capto’s strength. Here you can add square, circle, arrow, comment box, text, blur, etc., and set the display time period (Duration) for the label. The “Volume Control” function is very useful. He can let you control the volume of a paragraph in the video, or set the time at which the volume gradually fades out.

The following is a video recorded and edited with Capto:

The “screenshot” and “edit” functions provided by Capto are not inferior to other software in the line. Like Pixave, there are 5 ways to capture full screen, area, window, App menu and web page. The “App Menu” screenshot is very interesting. It is a pain point to solve the problem of composing a small map. The OS X can only intercept the menu when the Menubar menu is intercepted by default, but it cannot contain the item bar on the Menubar. Capto solves this problem very well. Select Capture. After the Menu, follow the prompts to open the Menubar menu you want to intercept, press the key combination “⌘+Shift+M” to enter the state to be intercepted, click to take a screenshot and automatically save it to the database, and the menubar menu is not yet captured. To the shadows. Capto also takes a lot of time when intercepting the window. When you are ready to intercept, press the “S” key to turn on the shadow effect. The default is no shadow effect.

Capto’s photo editing features are more versatile and easy to use. There are 13 editing annotations, which are not covered in detail.

In addition, the videos and images in the database can be sent to other applications for editing or management through “Send to” in the right-click menu, such as “Annotate”, “Curio”, “Gapplin”, “HoudahGeo 5”, “ LilyView, Pixave, Pixelmator, Sketch, Uplet, Snagit, Napkin, Potion, Notability, etc. are all in the support list.

Capto’s library video images can be synced to FTP/SFTP, Youtube, Tumblr, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox. Take Youtube as an example. When you want to upload a video, you can select the category in your Youtube account for the video. Fill in the title, description, label and other information.

In general, the screen recording and video editing functions provided by Capto are absolutely very practical. He also supports the recording of iOS devices and the Smart Collections function. Currently, the MAS and official store are just on the shelves. The price is 29.99 knives, equivalent to RMB 198. Yuan, the official store also sells student education editions at a price of 19.99 knives.

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