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CleanMyMac, the classic system/file cleanup software on the Mac platform, released its latest generation CleanMyMac X on September 5th to replace CleanMyMac 3, which has not been updated for a long time. We don’t recommend it on the official website, because CleanMyMac X has settled in SetApp. Using the subscription system to use CMM X is not a way to save money, or directly purchase a domestic one-off license version, is currently doing a short-term promotion, the price is 193 yuan, receive 5 yuan exclusive coupons for my station, also Can be reduced to 188 yuan.

At present, X’s official sales model is divided into two types: “subscription” and “one-time purchase”. “Subscription” is a one-year price, and the details are as follows:

¥423/ 2 sets
The price can be said to be not cheap. I am embarrassed to say that after the “one-time purchase” price, in short, the subscription system is suitable for group purchase, and find a few fruit friends to buy the “5” version, so that each person can share the year. The fee is only 127 yuan. If you are a local tyrant, you can check out the “one-time purchase” version below:

¥952/ 2 sets
¥1411/ 5 sets
I don’t know if you still have the willingness to buy CleanMyMac X after reading the above price. Anyway, Xiaobian thinks that the developer is obviously using SetApp because CleanMyMac X is now in SetApp, and the monthly subscription price is only 68 yuan. Enjoy other boutique software, so Xiaobian thinks that if you want to use CleanMyMac X, you can consider SetApp.

Obviously, MacPaw launched CleanMyMac X this time. Its new name is easy to think of Apple’s iPhone X released last year. CleanMyMac X has greatly improved in function and design compared with 3.0. First of all, we design interface. .

Let’s take a look at the face of 3.0, then look at the interface of the top and bottom X, look at the software logo, is it the Mac version of the “full screen” design style? And in the color matching also got rid of the dull black and gray mix, with Mojave’s detail style, the whole interface is more refined, the left navigation bar icon is changed to a little abstraction, there are animation elements in the whole background.

And this color gradient, frosted glass design style, is also complemented by Mojave’s dark mode. After the interface, let’s share the evolution of the function. The X generation has added a new function of the assistant, which can be used at any time. You provide suggestions for file/system cleanup. When there are too many junk files, software to be updated, and long idle programs, the assistant will remind the user to take care of the Mac system. However, there is no voice command interaction, this function seems to be inconsistent with the positioning of X.

In addition, the CMM menu has been redesigned to include the new monitoring item on the network, and it can be set to monitor the space usage status of the dropbox. Secondly, the memory increases the free memory release function (free up) on win, or It is a “network item” that can perform “speed measurement”. The battery item can list applications that consume a large amount of power, and can close the application directly inside. After using it, I immediately feel that the new CMM menu is very powerful. In the future, this module has a large The development space, this is still worthy of the positioning of X.

Finally, some details, in addition to the above new highlights, other locations are re-polished some interactive design, such as direct click to view the scan results, this time X added a “protection” channel in the smart scan, in this channel users The malware can be scanned and erased. The system browser privacy channel mentions the “protection” channel from the utility and adds a clearing function for the wifi network access record (public and private network scanning) to protect the user. system security.

On the cleaning of “big” and “old” files, when you finish the scanning work, the software will display to the user according to the “archive”, “picture”, “movie”, “music” and other types, and display the corresponding occupation. The space capacity is more intuitive and simple than the original 3.0.

Finally, the “application” management channel, which consists of two modules, application uninstallation and software update. Application uninstallation is an original function, but some small ideas are added, for example, you can see X in the application list. These applications are developed by developers (currently only Apple, Google, big vendors) or download channel categories (App Store downloads will be listed), even 32-bit programs will be listed, to know that the future Mojave system is 32-bit Mac software is no longer supported, so users should do a good job of finding software replacements as soon as possible. .

Software update management is a new feature of X. Whether it is app store or software downloaded from the Internet, X will recognize the new version update and push it to the user. You don’t need to leave X, just click update to complete this task.

In general, CleanMyMac X has its own characteristics compared with its predecessor and similar software. Based on the ease of use and coverage of small white users, it tries to cater to some experienced old users. It seems that MacPaw will still cost this development. A lot of thoughts, after the release of CleanMyMac X, I will keep track of this software~

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