In the topic of password management tools, we have recommended Dashlane password management products. In 2014, the password manager market was extremely competitive. After the precipitation in 2015, many followers have quietly withdrawn from the market. The rest is only Lastpass, 1Password, and Dashlane laughed at the end and divided up the user base. Have to deny that 1Password is a winner on both the desktop and mobile. Of course, this is from the perspective of product design and development, ease of use, stability is definitely the best, but flowers can not be given to him, today The introduction of Dashlane is by no means a leisurely one. From a functional point of view, the pace of innovation is very large. The functions of “quick update password”, “two-step verification” and “data sharing” with nearly 400 websites have been brought together. A lot of ordinary users and business customers, now let’s talk about Dashlane.

Dashlane’s servers all use Amazon AWS, user data uses AES-256 encryption technology (security solution), user data protection is much safer than small factories, support for Mac, PC, iOS, Android and other platforms, free version can be On any client of any platform, you need to subscribe to Premium (Premium) if you want to synchronize data cloud. Let’s start with the basic quality of Auto-Fill.

Autofill form (Auto-Fill)

When you leave a webpage account registration/login, shopping contact form and other information on the webpage, Dashlane will pop up a prompt box asking if you want to save it into the database. Whether it is a foreign website or a domestic website Dashlane is very timely, of course, to be honest Like v2ex.com, I also encountered Auto-Fill failure, but most websites can do it. In addition to Auto-Fill, Dashlane can also do automatic login, but if you encounter a website with manual verification code, you will still Stay on top and wait for the user input to complete the login operation.

Dashlane’s password saver window will be displayed each time you log in to an account that has not been saved to Dashlane or to a new account.
You will have a variety of Personal Info options when filling out the form.

Nowadays, when many websites are registered, especially e-commerce and online marketing websites, visitors are required to leave a lot of information, which is superficially serious, but there will be some opportunistic phishing websites that use this opportunity to acquire and sell users personally. Information, we can’t help but it’s a good idea to use the Personal Info in “Dashlane – WALLET” to fill out a few sets of personal information to fill out these forms, without precluding the forgery of key information and not compromising the security of personal information. It is safer to use this personal information to register an account.

Password Generator (Password Generator)

The automatic password generation feature is also a standard feature of the password management tool. Dashlane is equipped with automatic password generation in Safari/Chrome plug-ins and mobile apps. It can provide up to 28 digits of passwords, which can be matched with numbers, letters, special characters. And provide spell-reading password generation. This feature is only hidden under the Password Changer module on Mac/PC clients.

When you register, you will also be reminded if you are using Dashlane’s password generation feature.

The benefits of automatic password generation are very obvious. For example, I am keen to play a variety of apps and various Internet products. In order to avoid excessive use of the same set of mailboxes/passwords, they will be used in the first-time contact or low-frequency product registration. Automatically generate passwords to ensure the uniqueness and security of each account password, so that the account information is not connected.

Fast update password (Password Changer)

Dashlane has gradually developed the “Password Changer” function since 2014. Up to now, more than 400 websites have supported it. The software can automatically detect the security level of website passwords in this range, such as weak passwords and repeated usage times. Can be checked out, click “Change Now” to complete the highly secure password update work, no need to go to the website to do password change operation, save a lot of time and effort, and can do multiple selection operations, continuous completion Updates to all website passwords. At the time, this feature introduced a lot of pressure on 1Password, and LastPass also followed up with similar services. Unfortunately, the mainstream websites like Twitter and Facebook are not within the scope of the “Password Changer” service.

Security Dashboard

On the desktop client, Dashlane will evaluate the security level of each account password in the database, and then give your database the overall score on the Security Dashboard. Of course, you don’t have to entangle this score every day. To update the password, it is just a “light” that reminds you to update the more secure password in time. At the same time, the panel will tell you which important website passwords need to be modified as soon as possible, which websites use the same set of passwords, and which websites use passwords. If the time is too long, click on the “Action” on the far right to quickly jump to the website for password modification.


Personal Information Database (Secure Notes)

Dashlane is not only good at password management, but also stores personal information data. She can store text memos, application login information, website databases, legal documents, network members, Wi-Fi information, software authorization information, etc. You can also choose a personalized color label in the upper right corner.

Digital wallet helps you save personal information, credit cards, bills (WALLET)

In addition to maintaining a management password and personal information database, Dashlane’s digital wallet (WALLET) is also very popular with users. As we mentioned earlier, you can quickly and easily fill in your personal information when shopping or participating in online surveys (Personal Info ), this is just a matter of a second or two. In addition to personal information, it also supports saving online payment information (savings card, credit card, PayPal account), personal identification card (passport, driver’s license, social security information, tax information, etc.). Billing, referring to the bill, Dashlane is very careful about this process. When you use Western Checkout, you will automatically jump to the billing information page (usually send you an email with billing information). At this point, Dashlane will save the billing information, and the information capture is very comprehensive. The purchased product name, shipping address, and payment method will be saved.

Data Sharing (Sharing Center)

Data sharing is an important part of the premium features, and she is designed to quickly share passwords and Secure Notes between team members. When sharing the information to the other party, you can divide the two rights of “Limited Rights” and “Full Rights”. In “Limited Rights”, the other party only has the right to use, but does not have the right to view the password, modify or revoke the access; “Full Rights” means that the other party can have the rights mentioned above, and can share the data twice to other users, or even revoke the data access rights for you, so consider the needs and needs before sharing. as a result of.

Some people will question the security of the so-called data sharing function. The official explanation is this. The data sharing function uses the public-key cryptography protocol. Each user has two unique secrets. The keys are public key and private key, respectively.

When you share your password with others, Dashlane encrypts your password with the other’s public key, and vice versa; when you receive a password shared by someone else, you can only use your private key to decrypt it. The data is not seen by third parties throughout the process, perfect for the security of the output.

Two-Factor Authentication

Dashlane supports the use of Two-Factor Authentication to enhance the security of new device access accounts and user logins. Dashlane’s 2-step verification can only be enabled from the desktop app, on iOS and Android apps. Unable to operate, when the new device is authorized again after the 2-step verification is enabled, the previous email authentication method and offline login will be automatically closed.

Logging in with 2-Step Verification Dashlane requires you to install a dedicated 2-step verification application on the mobile side. Authy, Google Authenticator, and FreeOTP are good choices. If you don’t have a mobile device around, you can use PC software like WinAuth.

You can find the 2-step verification switch in “Preference – Security”. You need to enter the Master Password to get the permission before starting. After setting the status to “On”, you need to set a lot of things.

The first step is to choose to turn on 2-step verification. One is to authorize a new device for the account, and the other is to log in to Dashlane. Once you’ve made your selection, open the 2-step verification application you’ve prepared. We will use Authy as a demonstration, open Authy, fill in your mobile number as required, and the app will send a text message containing your verification code to your mobile phone. Enter the verification code to enter the operation homepage, click the “+” button at the bottom to add a new 2-step verification account. Just like the prompt given by Dashlane, you can use Authy to scan the QR code popped up by Dashlane, or you can manually 2D. A series of characters above the code complete the account addition.

After Autry has added the Dashlane account, the app will generate a 6-digit number every 30 seconds and fill it in the bottom of the image above.

Don’t worry, be patient, and the next step, Dashlane will let you set up two data backup schemes, one is to fill in the spare mobile phone number, if you lose your mobile phone or the mobile phone can’t work normally, the server will give you the alternate number. Sending a string of characters allows you to turn off 2-step verification. If you set an alternate number here, you can’t modify it again, so be sure to confirm it after entering it. After you want to restart 2-step verification, you can only use the new mobile number to register.

Another data backup solution is to save N-string back-up codes. Each string of back-up code can only be used once. It can be used to replace the 6-digit number of 2-step verification to help you log in to your account.

It’s not enough to have a 2-step verification app to log in to your account. You have a higher-tech secure login solution. Dashlane supports the use of electronic token YubiKey with two-step authentication login. YubiKey supports the latest “Universal 2nd Factor” (U2F) open authentication protocol of the FIDO Alliance (FIY Alliance, jointly established by PayPal, Lenovo, etc.), even Chrome Start supporting it.

Adding YubiKey to Dashlane is very simple. It is also a two-step verification switch interface. Under the “U2F Security Key”, click “Add”, then enter a name for the Security Key. Insert YubiKey and click the green button in the middle. The addition is completed in seconds.

Import and export of data

Dashlane has a complete data import and export function. She supports importing Keychains from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. It can also import password data from 1Password, LastPass and Roboform. Below we will demonstrate with 1Password to see how she is. Operational:

Open 1Password, select “All Items” in “File – Export”, then enter Master Password (that is, the master password), name the file in the export file save window, and select .1pif format to save.

Then go back to Dashlane, select 1Password in the “File – Import” menu, and follow the prompts to select the saved .1pif file, not the “1Password.1pif” directory. Normally, the software will display a list of password items. You can select all or select any password items for import. If there are duplicates, Dashlane will also identify and inform you that this password item already exists.

Dashlane’s data export function is very simple, but it is not supported on iOS/Android. Open “File – Export” and select “Dashlane secure archive” to save the database as a .dash format file.

Or you can export the data to a .csv file that can be read by Excel, Numbers, etc., but the security is not guaranteed. It is recommended that you clear these files as soon as possible after obtaining the information.

Dashlane’s performance on the iPhone

Dashlane’s app design on the iPhone is very clever, and the common operations such as Auto-Fill for forms, automatic login, automatic payment method, etc. are just right, and support 3D Touch and Spotlight search.

You can search by entering the keyword of the password item name directly in the Spotlight interface. Clicking on the item will jump to the Dashlane App to view the password information.

The 3D Touch menu is slightly monotonous. Only the new password item is created. The password item searches for two Actions, which is basically enough. For the password item in the database, a pressing operation and an upward swipe gesture can also be used to trigger a menu containing “copy login name”, “copy password”, and “jump into corresponding website”.

Before using Dashlane’s Auto-Fill feature, you need to open Dashlane in the Action Extension menu in Safari. If you use Dashlane more frequently, it’s best to move the Action to the first 4 digits so that you don’t have to swipe every time. In the screen.

For registered and logged-in Auto-Fill, Dashlane’s operation accuracy is almost perfect. You can automatically fill out the form by selecting Dashlane Action directly in the Action Extension. If your Dashlane account has multiple account information for the current website, Dashlane It will be very smart to ask which account you choose, or when you choose to register again on a website that already has an account registered, Dashlane will also ask you if you already have an account on the current website and create a new account. In addition, during the registration process, when designing the password, she will also recommend whether to use the Password Generator to generate a high-security password.

If the mobile webpage involves scenes such as shopping input payment methods, Dashlane’s advantage is even more prominent. She can help you fill in the credit card number, security code, expiration date, name and other information in a lightning-fast manner. Of course, for Personal Info such as phone numbers, home addresses, zip codes, work units, etc. are even more important.


In general, Dashlane can be regarded as the industry leader in terms of security, functional scope and ease of use. For ordinary Internet users who are not very demanding, Dashlane provides password management for desktop clients and mobile apps. Automatic password generation, password auto-filling and other functions are absolutely sufficient. If you want to use multiple platforms to synchronize passwords, password data backup and higher level of after-sales service speed, you can also subscribe to Premium (Premium), Premium annual price. It is $29.99, the subscription is $64.99 for 3 years, and the subscription is only $99.99 for 5 years. This price is a big advantage over other similar products. I won’t say it here.

For this review, I don’t know how everyone thinks? If you have any thoughts and questions about Dashlane, please feel free to chat with us in the comments section below, or you can find us on Weibo and Twitter; if you have any suggestions and questions about our review article, Very welcome to leave a message, send an email to communicate with us.

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