Design Camera

Design Camera is a 3D dynamic model making software (hereinafter referred to as DC) specially designed for a wide range of app developers. It provides static and dynamic presentations of mobile apps of different sizes and different animation scenes. Developers can self-produce the propaganda maps and promotional videos of their own works, so that this part of the work that might be outsourced is left to be completed by themselves, saving a certain product packaging cost, and knowing that many of the current grades are slightly higher. App promotion graphics/videos are all done with professional software such as After Effects and Cinema 4D.

DC is very good at making Apple-style animations like the one below. The app’s charm is full of iPhones that are almost full of screens, and it’s easy to evoke users’ desire to use them. These animations can be easily done in DC.

Main features of DC

You can think of DC as a shelled screenshot software that can be animated. The functions you need to make on the production are labeled as follows:

  • Connect to a screened mobile device
  • Capture still picture button
  • Record animation button
  • Select the device corresponding to the model (resolution)
  • Set the static shape of the model
  • Set the animation effects of the model (rotate, move, etc.)
  • Static image/animation export (support GIF image)

Does DC work with your device?

In the animation export, this software supports 4K, 2K, 720p, 1080p video export in multiple formats, iPhone X and later devices, Samsung S9 devices, TV devices are supported.

In the process of creating a still image and animation, you need to connect your mobile device to your Mac with a USB cable, then click the “Connect” button on the far left of the toolbar to sync the real-time screen of the mobile device to the DC, so that you You can make your own app promotion, but here you should be reminded that running this software is not possible for every Mac model. Your Mac must support the Metal rendering engine, and the Mac system must be macOS. High Sierra 10.13 or newer version, and the most irritating thing about me is that the 2015 RMBP exported with Intel Iris Pro is very fast, and there will be flashback when running. The situation developer has already explained the official website, so Xiaobian is also considering updating the equipment in the near future, and the Mac mini cannon solves this problem.

Say back to the topic, take a look at DC’s three housekeeping skills:


In the Looks channel, which is the model’s design module, the user can select an appropriate device model (single, multiple or no device shell) and the background color of the screen behind the device, the device border color, and the stereo shadow of the device. Whether to use a virtual border (remove the case gloss).


In Animation, the software has five built-in animation effects, which are the most classic animation effects. Here you can choose the resolution of the video, from 4K to 720p. Or you can combine your own animated effects with “Manual” (pictured above).


Only through Lens (Lens Rendering) can you highlight the charm of an app. This software can add focus blur to the specified position of the screen to increase the outstanding performance of key functions. You can set the aperture size, focus range, diagonal distance, dynamic blur and other parameters.

Cooperate with Sketch

If you are responsible for the UI design of the (part-time) app during the development process, you can directly import the draft map in Sketch directly into the DC. The elements in the draft map can be directly pulled up and directly imported into the DC. Record as a still image or animation:

After the model is edited, you can also use the Lens lens effects to add scent to the animation, and then import the model’s static image back into Sketch for secondary editing.

In general, Design Camera is very suitable for small and medium-sized development teams and independent developers with limited operating budgets. The functions provided can fully meet the needs of users to promote their works. Currently, this software is being tested in public.

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