GhostNote 2

As a “heterogeneous” in the note-taking market, Ghostnote has always adhered to a maverick record and management style. Each program, each file can be recorded with Ghostnote, and the summary can be seen in the note browser. Forget the information. This latest 2.0 version is based on support for macOS Mojave for Notes Browser, running speed, color editing theme, old version import notes, etc., further polished.

GhostNote 2

Ghostnote 2’s memo composing panel now supports color themes and has black and white themes that work with the system’s light/dark mode.

The note browser integrates memo writing, the task is free to write, and the last one is the memo summary channel, which can view the memo information added in all applications and files.

Ghostnote is a very creative note-taking software that is creative and doesn’t have a formal list and view notes interface, because TA notes are stored in various files, folders, applications, and even URLs.

Many people have the habit of making shorthand. OS X just provides the most original file annotation function and, but these shorthand content management is not as efficient as Evernote or Simple Note, but for some creative workers, they need to Refer to the technical documentation (PDF), the original material image, a piece of code to make a note, then the traditional note tool is not so flexible compared to Ghostnote, one by one to create a new note, obviously it is better to insert the note directly into the file to force Right?

Ghostnote can add text memos to every file, folder, application or web address, support text bold, italic, unordered/sequenced, and very useful Task List, which can be checked as Complete, and also Background themes in six colors are available:

At the same time, if you use Pixelmator, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro, large software to edit files, you can also make text memos directly in the editing state. For example, when viewing PDF documents, you can use Ghostnote to process each page. Note, in the next version, Ghostnote will also support the hotkey call function. When you select a file, you can use the hotkey to call the memo menu on the Menubar. The Mac play method will continue to track the software. ~

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