iRingg Review

I dare say that there are not many development companies in the world that package their own software like Softorino. In addition to packaging, each of their products caters to the needs of the public. From WALTR to SYC, Softorino always focuses on multimedia. Conversion, and achieved good results, this sales guarantee “new army” called iRingg, help users quickly make ringtones and import iPhone in a short time, I think it should be the most convenient ringtone used for so many years after my trial Make the software.

Earlier we mentioned that Softorino will pack itself. iRingg is also like some of its predecessors, including some new technical terms, such as 6-Sense, SndMoji, and we will mention these Softorino’s original technical play methods.

iRingg’s operation is very foolish and fast. Let’s take a look at the steps to explain its selling point:

The traditional ringtone creation software will only let you provide mp3 or m4r source files, and then drag and drop them into the editing and exporting, but in general I have not encountered too much in addition to iRingg, iRingg can help you edit the audio, give back The user provides a channel for selecting a song source:

Launch iRingg, the main interface For You interface will judge the user’s audio-visual taste according to the style of the user’s native music files, and pick up audio or video files from YouTube or SoundCloud and push them to the user. This is the 6-Sense technology mentioned above… Select one to edit the ringtone (if you don’t have a favorite song, you can click “Suggest More Tracks” in the upper right corner to change a batch of recommended songs)

If you are not interested in the music recommended by the software, you can switch to Search Music to search for your own songs for download. The channel currently only supports YouTube and SoundCloud.

Or if you have a local file of the target song, you can also drag it in directly…

The music downloaded in the previous steps is transferred to the editing interface, and the yellow border can be dragged to adjust the starting position of the song. Pulling the border on the side changes the playing length of the ringtone. Clicking “Preview” can listen to the effect of the editing.

SndMoji is a voice-over dubbing with Emoji expressions. iRingg has 10 built-in SndMojis such as “bomb”, “kiss” and “UFO” that can be inserted into your ringtone. Users can click on the Record button on the left to record their own. The sound enters the ringtone, and even more icing on the cake, you can choose two SndMoji to change your voice, the spaceman and the Shrimp style.

Finally, in the export phase, you have two choices. One is to import the iPhone directly. You need to plug the iPhone into the Mac with a USB cable and import the ringtone directly to the iPhone. Here is the technology that integrates WALTR (or you can use the same wifi). After completing the import, another option is to save to the local hard drive.

After reading the above iRingg to help you dig, make a clip, and export the three main processes, do you think that the ringtone production is not as complicated as you think, he can really help the needs of users who are so tired and diligent in replacing ringtones, now iRingg has On the official website of Softorino, the price is $19.95, equivalent to RMB 137, and the price of the Chinese version of our agent is only 69 yuan, which can be reduced to 64 yuan with the exclusive coupon of 5 yuan.

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