MaxSnap Review

MaxSnap is a window operation software that is the same as Command-Tab Plus. It has the same window deformation and mobile operation capabilities as Moom and Magnet, such as Split View (for OS X user experience before OS X El Capitan), each Window size deformation plus positioning, full screen operation, even more niche 1/3 size quick positioning options, and support for more precise size step-by-step adjustment options, can achieve more personalized window layout (Increase / Reduce) .

MaxSnap also supports fast moving windows in multiple displays and Workspaces, all of which can be implemented using hotkeys.

I recommend MaxSnap this time not because she only has the function of these bad streets. I want to know a lot of software that can achieve this function in MAS. Today’s focus is to recommend some of the “value-added” features of this software: MultiTouch and Move/Resize features.

In MultiTouch, we only need to select a modifier key and use the touchpad two-finger gesture to complete the quick positioning of the window’s left, right, full screen, and centered windows. No need to place the cursor in the window. The position of the title bar or the four corners does not need to manually adjust the position of the window, which is very convenient. This is one of the features of MaxSnap.

The second feature is the Move/Resize function. Similarly, when you turn it on, you don’t need to place the cursor on the title bar or the corners of the window to complete more precise window movement and size adjustment than MultiTouch. There is also a need to set a unique modifier key to match Move/Resize. Press and hold the modifier key to control the position and size of the window with just one finger.

Let’s take a look at the demo of MaxSnap’s three “value-added” features. Don’t forget to check MaxSnap before “Using System Settings – Security and Privacy – Privacy – Accessibility” before using this software. Software control permissions.

The following is a demonstration of MultiTouch with “modification + two-finger swipe”:

Use the “modify key + one finger zen gesture” to complete the window movement

Use the “modification key + one finger zen gesture” to complete the adjustment of the window size

MaxSnap is priced at $10. Click the link below to get a trial version. The author here shares with you a special discount of 60% off for the readers of our website: “31D893F9”. You can purchase this coupon code for $6 when you purchase MaxSnap.

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