Offcloud: The first choice for offline downloads?

In the past two years, with the decline of domestic Thunder and 115 offline downloads, users have turned to open source tools such as aria2, but in the face of attractive overseas resources, especially in the network resources of members and advertisements, you may not know. I have wasted too much time to download audio and video to the local hard disk. I personally recommend that you can try the off-line download service such as Offcloud.

Offcloud is an online service (website) that collects cloud storage (network disk) + offline download. You can get 10GB storage space when you register for a free account (optional for a paid account). This service supports offline download (Magnetic, BT, Offline links such as HTTP/HTTPS, as well as downloading of foreign video website resources and online streaming (Youtube). Offcloud also supports offline downloading of files directly to FTP, WebDAV, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and other platforms.

First, the core competitiveness: offline download (Instant)

When it comes to the essence, Offcloud is also a service based on aria2 technology, but the functions provided by people are much richer than those we built. We have added a lot of our own black technology, and the popular resources like the Pirate Bay can achieve second pass. , while other resources are offline download speed to see resource speed, offline download

You can think of the offline download server as a transit station. She will help you download resources from the Internet, saving you time (waiting for cost) and bandwidth costs, or at a higher rate. Allows you to quickly download to the local, or simply preview the file directly on its server (video online).

After registration, go to the background of the website, select Instant on the left toolbar, and paste in the download address. At the same time, you can also choose the downloaded line, most of which are lines in Europe and the United States, as well as lines in Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition, according to netizens’ actual measurement, after Offcloud offline download is completed, the speed retrieved by IDM can even reach the entire bandwidth of the carrier broadband you use.

Second, cloud backup

Download the files in various network disks offline to the Offcloud network disk, and use them to support the Baidu network disk. It also supports many other network disks. The most important thing is that you don’t need the vip of these network disk stations. member! ! Please check the list of supported network disks here.

Third, streaming media playback

Download the programs of various video websites offline to the Offcloud network disk and play them directly. For example, directly fill in the video link of, then the offline download will automatically download the video to your Offcloud space, then you can play the video directly, and the list of supported streaming media sites.

Fourth, upload files offline to various “network disk, FTP, SFTP”

Automatically upload various links offline to your other network drives, and files that have been offline to Offcloud will be super fast. For example, fill in a magnetic link directly, and then Offcloud automatically uploads the resources to other network disks you have set up, such as Dropbox and FTP.

Offset offline uploads include, Baidu Cloud, Box, Dropbox,, Rapidfileshare, Rapidgator,, Soundcloud, Turbobit, Vimeo, Yunfile, and more.

Five, Xiaobian found Offcloud other features

The zip file can be extracted online.
Convert any page to a PDF document or a Pocket html page file.
Provide a variety of APIs, you can use it to write your own download management software.
Foreign users use Offcloud to download files and keep them anonymous (can be imagined as an aria2 that won’t be complained and tracked)

6. The charging policy you care most about.

You can sign up for a free account, but the storage is only 10GB, and only three downloads per day are allowed. The paid account is $9.9/mo or $59.9/year; there is also a lifetime paid user option, the price is $299.99. If you think that Offcloud can use the handy way, you can ask the customer service if there is a coupon code, so you can discount it when you buy it.

Paid user’s privileges is that you can enjoy offline download an unlimited number of cloud storage, support for all streaming media player, BT & Magnetic Download, PDF document conversion, while the download time of limited bandwidth and limited storage capacity, not Limit the number of remote uploads to other network drives.

Overall, Offcloud is very suitable for overseas Internet resources to download, after all, in addition to Baidu Cloud, her main support youtube, download dropbox these mainstream services, stream, backup, but there are some small series of inappropriate places, such as streaming only support Mp4, and does not support external subtitles, cloud storage file management interface design is not scientific, there is no official app, only plug-ins designed for the browser.

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