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As a top-level PDF document editing software on the Mac, PDF Expert has achieved high demand and attention from users with its superb quality and excellent interactive experience. Since the official promotion of activities in mainland China, there is no price of 99 yuan. However, what I want to say is, however, although there is no $99, PDF Expert’s current domestic price remains at $169, which is still much better than the official website price of $79.99 and the Mac App Store’s $518.

In addition, compared to similar PDF software, taking Apple’s best PDF Expert of the year is not expensive, the price of 169 yuan is also a price-performance choice in the same category.

PDF Expert recently launched a PDF content annotation quick synchronization function called “Readdle Transfer” on the Mac and iOS side. After you open “Readdle Transfer”, you can see it in the iOS app immediately after you complete a label on the Mac side. Label the results in the sync file. To use this feature, simply keep the device with PDF Expert installed on the same Wi-Fi network.

PDF Expert readdle transfer setting

Paperless office related tools, we don’t recommend much. The reason is that although I usually browse PDF documents, I don’t really understand the PDF labeling and editing. But the things of Readdle are the best. It’s also great to play, and if you don’t know how to do it, there’s no harm in learning that such tools are good for your future work.

Reads produced by Readdle, which specializes in developing office software, are all classic, familiar like PDF Expert, Documents, Printer Pro, Calendars 5, Scanner Pro, and are often used in the App Store Top 10 list or home page recommendation; like this year’s new work Spark It also set off a wave of email app recovery. Today’s protagonist is PDF Expert Mac version, Readdle’s first Mac client. It can be said that the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and the head cannon is very loud. PDF Expert is a favorite. The simple and stylish interface with the common features such as annotation editing, and the Macer’s wallet are all in one fell swoop. Now let’s take a look at PDF Expert for Mac (hereinafter referred to as PDF Expert). What dry goods are worth buying:

Simple and efficient interface

As the saying goes, the value of the face is very important. The interface of PDF Expert can be described by various words, simple but not simple, or what is tall and white, Oh, Whatever. Open the software is a pure white background console, know that this PDF software provides a multi-tab design, you can browse N PDF documents in one window, or you can use Split view or Two Pages View at the same time View two pages of documents for easy comparison.

PDF Expert for Mac grid view_shrink

Each page in the Thumbnails interface is free to move, allowing for fast alignment of heavy component pages. And you can find a toolbar at the top of the window that can be added, flipped, deleted, shared or exported.

There are five main features of the PDF document on the default console, which is very easy to use. We will introduce the function later, the PDF file selection area below, or you can drag the file directly in, and finally open it recently. PDF document record, preview mode display, enough local tyrants~

PDF Expert for Mac main window

During the browsing process, you can use the Trackpad two-finger pinch gesture to change the display size of the PDF at any time, or press Command+4 to enter the Thumbnails interface, and view the pagination of the entire file. Right, people support full-screen work.

PDF Expert for Mac split view and two panel

From the top down, the split is the split view and two Pages view modes. The former can be viewed while viewing, while the latter is limited to double-page browsing.

The left side of the column hides the tiger

The left column provides three useful lists of bookmark management, outline and markup. In the upper right corner of each page, you can find a deep bookmark save button. After clicking, the page enters the bookmark management list on the left. Naming and deleting actions; the outline divides the outline according to the automatic segmentation in the document. In addition, for complex large documents, you can quickly navigate to the corresponding paragraph position by clicking mark record.

PDF Expert for Mac left panel


PDF Expert’s PDF documents are very fast, thanks to an efficient code design architecture. The software’s Annotate feature is very comprehensive, providing highlights, strikethroughs, underlines, pens, erasers, text input, Graphic markup, stamps, notes, and signatures, and the marker toolbar can be dragged and dropped at the top and left and right sides of the window, making the entire software full of spirituality.

Note The Notes feature is indispensable:

Mark the toolbar to drag and change position

The signature function is mainly introduced here. The signature is divided into two methods: “keyboard input” and “trackpad handwriting”. There are three kinds of pen color options. Trackpad handwriting can also customize the thickness of the pen, from 0.5 pt to 3.0 pt. Etc., the usage method is the same as the handwriting function that comes with OS X. After startup, you can directly write on the Trackpad, and then press any key to confirm the signature.

PDF Expert supports exporting, importing, and merging files. At Menubar – File – Merge Files, you can start joining by selecting the target PDF file, which is very fast.

PDF Expert 2 has been updated to version 2.2, which adds automatic detection of text fonts, font sizes, full-field search of document content, and a new split-screen browsing design. The split-screen browsing design is actually the “split view” mode shown in the figure. We don’t need to open a new window and then call macOS Split View for split-screen browsing. PDF Expert can directly split the view into two, and support synchronous scrolling. And zooming for easy comparison of documents.

And the adjacent document Tab page can also be combined directly through the buttons in the following figure to form a split screen browsing mode:

Readele’s famous PDF annotation/editing software PDF Expert for Mac has been officially updated to version 2.0 today. The new version has opened and edited text, images, and links in the document, and added text elimination (Redact) and documentation. Password protection.

Edit text

Open the 2.0 client and you will find an “Edit” button on the right side of the original “Annotate”. After clicking the four toolbars on the top toolbar, Readdle does not do the Step Tutorial for the new version. What is the obvious difference between 2.0. I chose “Text” and I found out after the toolbar on the right popped up.

Oh, this is the text editing feature. Double-click the text paragraph to enter the editing state. The right toolbar can provide font size, font, thickness, italic, position and color definition operations. The new version of the text editing function greatly improves the efficiency of user management PDF and saves the use. Other steps to edit the software.

Edit picture

The image editing function provides rotation, replacement, export, editing (calling other image editing software), and cropping functions; double-click on any area to select a local image to be inserted into the document from the Finder selection box.

Edit link

Any link in the document can also be automatically identified. After selecting the link, you can point it to the web link or to other pages in the document.

Edit document outline

The appearance of the edited document outline gave me a small surprise. Right-click on the paragraph title (arbitrary text) in the Annotate state and select “Add Outline Item” to add it to the Outline on the right, and each Destination. You can freely convert the inclusion relationship, click on Destination to jump to the corresponding paragraph.

Password protected PDF document

PDF Expert 2 added the password protection function of PDF document. After selecting “File – Set Password” in the menu bar to set the password of any number of digits for the document, the PDF document icon will be changed to the style with black lock. The details are very good. comprehensive.

Elimination tool

Redact Tool is the fourth document editing feature that provides black strip and eraser two document elimination styles. You can choose the style of text elimination according to your preference.

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