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Today, let’s introduce the well-known software in PDF processing tools: PDFelement 6, this PDF software developed by the Chinese people can compete with the big names like Adobe Acrobat and PDFpenPro, and the functions are much richer than PDF Expert (one OCR is better). Article Street…), PDFelement can easily realize PDF reading, labeling, editing, OCR recognition scanning / image file text, paper form batch transfer to Excel and other office formats, is to help office workers improve work efficiency The best tool. .

To be honest, I am not interested in the version interface before PDFelement 6. It is not as good as the advanced design of PDF Expert. At 6.0, this feeling still exists. The tone setting is somewhat low. The layout is from top to bottom. Column, text Tab tab, tool sub-category and PDF document operation area, but text Tab tab, tool sub-category position I think there is a problem with the layout, why should the toolbar and tool sub-category be separated? ? You can put the text tab page below the first two, close to the PDF document operation area, I feel that this design has a full sense of splitting, I hope developers can consider this.

The default home page takes Win’s Metro magnet design style, where you can go directly to the PDF editing, creating, merging, converting, batch processing, and PDF template libraries.

The above is a list of the core features of PDFelement, four functions: editing, labeling, conversion, and protection.


Editing allows users to add text/images/watermarks/backgrounds, insert links, OCR text recognition (as we’ll see later), crop, insert headers and footers, Bates numbers, and more, just like Word.

The “Thumbnail List” and “Setting Bar” are placed on the left and right sides. The thumbnail list can help you quickly locate the content page, view bookmarks/comments and document search functions.


PDFelement’s annotation function is also very useful, you can complete the review tasks in the form of note comments, text boxes, text highlighting, strikethrough, underline, etc., as well as custom images, hand-drawn tools to create common shapes (such as lines, rectangles) And arrow) marking work, you can also insert a variety of “signatures”, such as “revised”, “approved”, “for reference only” such signature.

The signature function of this software supports hand-drawn introduction, computer front camera photo introduction, text signature introduction and picture introduction four signature methods. The hand-painted and text forms also support custom color, font and other formatting.

Forms and conversions

Let’s focus on PDFelement’s document conversion capabilities, because this part is the key to improving the efficiency of office workers such as administration, legal affairs, finance, etc. It is also the second core competitiveness function of this product in addition to OCR.

Let’s introduce the simple features and merge them:

PDFelement 6 supports the creation of editable PDF forms, which can be exported to Excel directly after filling in the parameters, and can convert hundreds of PDF forms of the same format into a single editable Excel form in seconds. Think of a HR with hundreds of paper-based cover letters in the same format, how can she quickly enter the company’s talent pool, and automatically convert +OCR with PDFelement’s form is her only choice.

Edited PDF documents can be converted into Word, Excel, PPT, image, ePub, plain text, HTML, RTF file formats. PDFelement will automatically perform OCR text conversion before conversion, and automatically add text data to new format files. In the middle, please set the document language before conversion.

The software’s ability to manipulate pages includes operations such as rotating, deleting, inserting new pages, replacing, extracting, splitting, inserting labels, and page boxes.

File protection

The software supports two forms of file protection, ciphertext and password protection. PDFelement supports secure 256-bit AES encryption technology, which can be set to lock specific functions such as view, print, edit, fill and rotate, and enjoy protection directly through Dropbox. Digitally sign the PDF, or click to send it as an email attachment.


The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function supported by this software supports 26 languages ​​such as Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Korean. The overall conversion effect is quite good. There are many documents that we download from the Internet. Non-editable PDF, JPEG documents, even a search opportunity is not given to you, if you can convert to editable text, then save the time of N multi-handed knock.

Too many PDF pages can take up the OCR process time, so we can split the PDF file and then OCR one by one.

In addition, the iOS version of PDFelement can take photos of the book at any time and pass it to the computer through the network disk or local Wi-Fi for OCR recognition, thus achieving a consistent and efficient editing experience.

Standard vs. Professional

The PDFelement 6 we introduced today has a standard version and a professional version. The standard version has an authorized price of 129 yuan per device and the professional version price is 299 yuan. This is the price set by the developer for domestic users. Only 3 fold or 4 fold for foreign editions. The software license is a one-time payment, authorized for life, and a money back guarantee within 30 days.

The Standard Edition can also be understood as the “Basic Edition”. The OCR, the form automatic recognition & extraction, the Bates page number addition, the ciphertext, the batch processing and many other functions are all available in the Professional Edition. The Professional Edition is only available in the Professional Edition. Expensive 100 yuan, I think that the professional version is still very cost-effective, of course, this depends on the needs of everyone to choose. Please compare here for the specific two versions.

The system requirements for PDFelement 6 are: macOS 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 512 MB RAM or above, 1 Ghz processor or above, 500 MB or more hard drive capacity.

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