Qbserve is a time tracking software for the macOS platform that records the time you use each software and automatically categorizes time-use reports. The generated report visually tells you how long and how much time each has focused and distracted during the day’s work. When you use your computer, when you focus on (or distracted) the time you reach the set goal, Qbserve will remind you to give you more incentives or reminders to stay focused. Notification reminders are free to set the focus (or distraction) length of time, statistical classification and reminder date. You can also export statistics to files in JSON or CSV format for more flexibility in analyzing and integrating time records.

How does Qbserve count the time?

When you use the current (activate) window, Qbserve records in the background and counts the current window usage time (which can be specific to a web page, file, and dialog), then matches the Qbserve local database, and all records are output. Statistics on the three categories of balance, entertainment and entertainment.

What are the advantages of Qbserve?

Reliable time tracking technology: Qbserve’s ever-expanding database (with more than 7,300 sites, apps and games) automatically distinguishes between activity types. Even if you’re watching a movie or not typing a keyboard, Qbserve can intelligently identify real activity times; you can also observe trends in activity and efficiency at any time.

Separate work and play: Qbserve tracks websites visited by Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers; distinguishes work and leisure time from instant chat, online team collaboration, watching videos, and browsing forums; The windows belong to different categories and you can create custom categories as you require.

Your own data, control yourself: Qbserve all tracking information is stored locally on your computer, without the risk of revealing privacy; you can pause tracking at any time, or choose to ignore certain activities; no need to order service fees, pay for one time, this The app will always belong to you.

View accurate charts

Are you a night owl or are you used to getting up early? Set the wake up time in Qbserve to the start time of each day. The time period of the tracking can be set arbitrarily. Compare your execution efficiency in days, weeks, and months. Or view your most active activities and overall execution efficiency through the time window.

Stay focused

Dynamically changing the color of the Dock icon and the number of the menu bar gives you real-time feedback. You can also create reminders for periodic recurring events, such as taking a break, improving or staying focused. After setting the warning, Qbserve will pop up a notification window to remind you when it is about to reach its goal or distract too much attention.

Organize your event

You can view time consumption over any time period based on type, application, or execution efficiency. Some activity categories are not automatically recognized by Qbserve, and a more accurate chart can be obtained by manually setting a reasonable classification for them.

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