Many friends are trying to improve their work efficiency, using GTD software, using aTimeLogger application, our ultimate goal is to eliminate procrastination, improve work efficiency, do not manage tasks for management tasks, record time, Record the time. The embarrassing thing to say, the software to be recommended today is RescueTime. Compared with Time Sink and Tyme, he does not need users to actively record his “doing what he is doing”, whether it is visiting a website event or using a program event. Completely record the duration and generate a daily report that will tell you where to spend your time. According to this report, you need to actively adjust your work efficiency. This is subjective. If you can’t change it, then It is also possible to force the closure of sites that distract users’ attention time (“programs”) via “FocusTime”. See the details:

What can RescueTime record?

The software will automatically run in the background, record user activity records, the front desk and the web page management background. The front desk is a control menu located in the Menubar, which provides the option to jump to the web management background and the “FocusTime” operation function. Users can only do a series of settings, view data statistics and other functions in the web page management background. RescueTime can fully record the duration of the user’s activity events on the Mac throughout the day (24 hours). If you purchase a premium member, you can also use the Offline Time function to record the length of time you left the computer, which we will talk about later.

You spend time on every website, every piece of software, or watch videos, code, and chat with your sister. The software can record the time you used above, and will automatically return these times according to the type. To each category, but at the point of classification, the operation of the software is not as intelligent as the record duration. Many times, the user needs to manually modify the type of the duration and the efficiency level. The category defaults to 12, except for the “Uncategorized” category (unclassified). In addition, the other 11 categories can create sub-categories, but the parent classification does not allow users to establish themselves, and the efficiency level of the event is: “Very Distracting”, “Distracting”, “Neutral”, “Productive”, ” There are 5 kinds of Very Productive. You can find these settings in the Categorize Activities – Manage categories directory.

Spotlight on your top activities this day, this area in the middle of the RescueTime Dashboard page lists the longest duration of the first three categories (events) that occupy the longest time of day, such as the following image. I have been away from the Mac for a lot of time on Monday, so the first group of histograms in Spotlight Top Activities shows the time I spent under the category “Communication & Scheduling” throughout the day. Double click on the histogram to see the day. From which time I started offline, all the records that lasted for a long time.

Data statistics

The daily report is an important reference for your daily work efficiency. If you want to catch up with a project in the near future, you need to pay attention to this data at any time. Of course, you can also choose monthly or even yearly, you can see this area, since this year. When I started using RescueTime, my productivity was not high. The total number of events in Very Distracting was as high as 57 hours, and it was 6 hours more than the event focused on the project. Of course, I also counted the offline time of sleeping. Inside, if you are sleepy, try to correct your irregular routine, and exercise more to overcome the problem of lethargy is king.

Offline time recording (Offline Time – advanced function)

The offline time record function (Offline Time) exit provides more reference for users to further analyze their work efficiency. It is necessary to purchase advanced members to use. Here is a simple mention, the monthly payment premium member price is 9 knives, and the annual payment is 72. Knife, equivalent to 6 knives per month. In the upper right corner of the webpage, find the “Tools” menu. After clicking it, find “Enter Offline Time” in the pop-up box, and select “Enter Offline Settings” to enable the offline recording function, so that whenever your Mac is on standby, In 5 minutes, the software will automatically record the current activity type as “Offline”. Whenever you wake up the device before returning to the Mac, RescueTime will remind you to select “Type” for this Offline. This type is for you to tell the program. You just left to go to the gun, or go to sleep, and this “type” can be customized in the Offline Time Settings, there are 6 items to fill in freely, for example, my settings are: (In fact, I feel that I can customize the offline type. The number is still small)

Give yourself a clear goal (Goals for the Year)

There must be a clear and firm goal to do anything, and there is no goal to do things. It is also a waste of efficiency. In “Tools – Goals & Alerts” you can see that RescueTime has designed two goals for the user, such as: “Less than 2 hours per day on All Distracting Time”, meaning that the total time of all dispersion efficiency is lower than this day. 2 hours, if you achieve this goal, the report will show the completion of a week or a month, there will be a clear thin line on the bar chart to tell you whether this time is exceeded every day.

In this function, you can also open a web timer called “Daily Timer” to display the completion status of the target in real time. The only time to keep the target of “Less” is that the time is not up to standard.

Urge you to improve efficiency

In addition to these data reference functions, RescueTime certainly can’t sit still, seeing users getting deeper and deeper in procrastination, and he provides some features that actively assist in improving efficiency, such as:

Block distracting sites ( FocusTime – advanced features)

In “Tools – Block Distractions” you can use FocusTime to let the software automatically block the Distracting Time website within the last three months. When you visit these websites, you will be forced to display the following picture. These websites contain A pictures. To watch the daily needs of American drama, landlords, and microblogging, you can make a choice of Focus time in the RescueTime menu of Mac – Menubar, which is 15 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours (screened to tomorrow).

Daily Highlights (Daily Highlights – Advanced Features)

For those who are willing to find ways to improve their work efficiency, they have enough supervisory initiative, just lack of scientific methods to make reasonable use of time. The software also provides “Daily Highlights”, the daily important event annotation function, you can Record meaningful things in one day and then view the history through Dashboard, weekly mail reports or the exclusive Highlights calendar.

Set reminders (Alerts)

It’s also a good idea to set yourself a desktop reminder with rewards or urging. For example, if you have spent 5 hours on Productive Time, RescueTime will notify you via email or Mac desktop reminder that you should take a break and automatically release FocusTime ( You need to select “Disable” in the reminder, or even you can choose to automatically trigger to open the Sohu video to see the big bang of life to reward yourself.

Or, if you have spent more than 4 hours on the Distracting Time event during the weekend, then force yourself into Focus Time, give yourself a welcome reminder Message, and then open the website you need to work on (if any) words).

Advanced Filtering (Advanced Filters – Advanced Features)

This is the last advanced feature we’ll cover, “Advanced Filters”, which includes a “Time Filters” and a “Keywords Filters”. You can specify specific events in any event report, goal or reminder by using time period or keyword filtering. Event statistics. For example, I want to create a “working day time filter”, which can uncheck the statistical work for two days on the weekend, and then set the work time period on 5 working days. This time period can be different every day, according to your habits. Set it up.


In general, RescueTime is a versatile software that provides passive data statistics and proactive productivity. You can set realistic implementation goals based on your own situation, as well as record the length of time you leave your computer, or even It is an entertainment and social networking site that forces you to not log in too much time; the FocusTime, Daily Highlights, Advanced Filters and Offline Time functions are also available to meet the needs of deep users, or you can use the RescueTime Data API to record in the software. Import data into your application to meet more data reference needs.

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