Roadmap Planner Review

It is a comprehensive strategy management software that integrates outline view, real-time collaboration, demonstration mode and to-do work mechanism. It is suitable for multiple business strategy management scenarios such as market operation, commercial expansion, product development, etc. Currently, the software supports macOS and iOS. .

Roadmap Planner (hereafter referred to as RP) is based on the Gantt chart and is based on “Project”, “Item”, “Backlog”, “Milestone”, “Scope” (Scope) is a component unit. Users can use these elements to organically combine items or tasks on their hands, and establish a chronological relationship with “dependency”. You can adjust the start and end time of the “project” at will, and complete the progress (status). At the same time, you can also make a “footnote” to the “project” or add a personalized icon to the name.

For example, a company’s main daily operations are divided into four parts: “procurement”, “product development”, “marketing” and “after-sales service”. Then, policy makers can use RP to establish four “incidents”, which are based on time schedules. Separate the “projects” that need to be done, and establish the dependencies between the “projects” according to the actual situation.

If you insert a sentence here, the Chinese localization of RP needs to be improved. In fact, the “event” here is Project in English, “Item” is Item, and Chinese version reverses translation. It should be Project translated as “Project”, Item translated as “event” is more appropriate, the meaning of the project represents a larger scope of affairs than the event.

The color of the “Event” can be adjusted at will, including its background color and the background color of the “Project”.

The new Gantt chart file is one level higher than the “event”. You can define the time range of its coverage here, you can choose a few months or even longer, and you can control the “event” between The default interval is the number of days, here to see the right column of the figure, the developer’s localized translation here is still not accurate enough.

In the file properties we can customize the background color, line color, font set, thickness and other parameters.

In the top toolbar you can click the left and right view zoom in/out buttons to zoom the entire Gantt chart, or you can choose to view by month/quarter/half/year view in the hidden menu, or select “Adaptive Width” Dynamically adjust the browsing view.

Roadmap Planner Features:

Collaboration in real time

RP supports multiple people to log in at the same time, so that the team can manage various tasks at the same time. You can invite colleagues to join by sending emails. In addition to creating events and projects, the other party can add notes in the “project”, others can see at any time.


Presentation mode

RP supports full screen conversion of the current file to presentation mode, and can be projected to the large screen through the projector to facilitate team meeting communication. You can scale the Gantt chart in demo mode.

To-do mode (backlog)

In the company’s large and small business, not everything will be put on the agenda or put on the agenda, but these things are very necessary to record, in case of emergency, now you can add “backlog” in the RP You can record it in the event first, and when you need to implement it, you can directly convert it from the right sidebar into the Gantt chart and convert it directly into a “project”.

Milestone (Milestone)

In the operation of an “event”, as a company manager must specify a medium- and long-term goal and a short-term goal for the team, or at a certain point in time, the entire event has a significant change point, then you need to mark a “milestone” ”

Outline View

In addition to the default Gantt chart, the RP automatically converts it into an outline view hidden in the left column.


If you are concerned about the work of a “event” for a certain period of time, you can add a “scope” and put the “project” in the event into it, so that there will be a focus when discussing the key tasks in each meeting. A black border will appear after the scope is created, and you can also create a “remark” for the “scope”.

Data Synchronization

The RP data can be synchronized between the macOS client and the iOS app. Currently, users of Pro Pro and above can use it, and subsequent RP will also develop Android and Windows versions.

Multiple template resources (Templates)

The RP provides six examples of Gantt charts for different strategic management. It is designed for brand expansion, and has a strategy for procurement, strategy follow-up, and market segmentation research.

Four use objects (Pricing)

Roadmap Planner currently offers a free trial version, but only one user is allowed to log in, and synchronization, sharing, real-time collaboration, footnotes, and more are not possible.

The other four versions are charged monthly/year:

  • Enterprise Edition ENTERPRISE (price varies with customer needs, does not limit the number of logged-in users, supports an unlimited number of data synchronization, covering all functions)
  • Business Edition BUSINESS (2.09 per user per month, annual payment equivalent to 2.33 knives per month, support for up to 25 users, with dedicated account manager service)
  • Professional version PROFESSIONAL (3.99 knives per user per month, equivalent to 3.33 knives per month, support up to 10 users, compared with the corporate version, commercial version does not match the dedicated account manager service)
  • Personal version of PERSONAL (only one user is allowed, 4.99 knives per month, annual payment equivalent to 4.17 knives per month, does not support sharing, real-time collaboration, no dedicated account manager service)

Here I recommend that you use the commercial version and the professional version, which can fully meet the daily use of the team management, and the commercial version has certain advantages in price, paying annually, equivalent to only 2.33 knives per month.

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