Tuxera NTFS

Tuxera NTFS is a Windows NTFS format hard disk read/write component that makes it easy to read and write NTFS-formatted mobile hard disks, making it easy to transfer files between two OS platforms. It also enables file system caching and troubleshooting log records. Wait for the operation.

When you switch from Windows to the Mac platform, you may find that the hard disk you used before can only read and cannot write to the file. This is most likely because your hard drive is in NTFS format, and this Windows default format is not natively supported on macOS.

If you don’t want to format your hard drive and lose your original data, you can use the Tuxera NTFS utility to make your Mac support normal read and write NTFS format hard drives.

Tuxera NTFS is very simple to use, just follow the prompts to install the software and restart your computer, you can read and write NTFS hard disk perfectly on the Mac. In daily use, you don’t need to open any software anymore, and you don’t need to perform any extra operations. You can use the data cable to connect to the hard disk and you can read and write on the Mac.

In addition to letting your Mac support NTFS hard disk read and write, Tuxera NTFS also provides a disk management tool where you can format or maintain your hard drive.

In addition, it allows the system’s native disk tools to support NTFS formatting and partition the hard disk.

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