Unclutter Review


The classic OS X desktop light file management tool Unclutter was updated to version 2.0 on April 9. The new Unclutter updated the logo and body look for Yosemite. Developer Krupnov was very hardworking. He even completely redesigned Unclutter’s official website once and carefully. Users will also find that he is also the author of Daisy Disk, LilyView!

The new version completely abandoned the pseudo-materialized design style of the 1.x era, and the Flat style is full, but this is not the key point we want to introduce. In this update, many details of the changes are waiting to be discovered, such as:

Create multiple notes

The new version can create an unlimited number of independent notes and supports list browsing and Note full-text search:


Files added four sorting methods by “date added, date modified, name and kind”.


The Clipboard list supports gesture swipe switching between “History List” and “Favorite List”. On the left side of the list button in the upper right corner, you can find that the software provides a button to clear the Clipboard list with one click:


Drag and drop files directly to a folder in the File Panel without opening them in advance

Support multiple screens

Since the release of OS X 10.8, its iconic NC menu has been seen as a powerful “evidence” in the design style of OS X and iOS. These ideas have also been borrowed by many Mac developers to put their own software. Among them, Unclutter is one of them.

Unclutter itself is a versatile hidden menu that contains Clipboard, File Storage, and Notes. When you use the mouse or Trackpad to slide down from the top of the screen, The Unclutter menu will fall, and the next operation will be very Easy. I won’t go into details here.


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