WALTR Review

In 2015, the hot Mac-iOS video transmission software WALTR launched its second generation WALTR 2 the day before. The new WALTR is perfectly compatible with the MacOS Sierra system, and has added support for ringtones and iBooks e-books. The above file types can also be transferred after connecting the devices at both ends. In addition, the new choice of wireless connected devices has been added for the first time, and all iPod music players are supported. This update is full of sincerity, let us look at the specific update:

Further optimization of basic functions

As we all know, WALTR software allows iOS devices to quickly import non-Apple officially supported video files such as MKV and AVI on Mac to iPhone and iPad without jailbreak and iTunes and any third-party format conversion tools. On the disk. On the basis of this, WALTR 2 adds “ACR Automatic Content Recognition” technology, which can import the cover image, subtitle, title, style, description content, artist information and other contents of the file into the iOS device.

Under the guarantee of SAC (Smart Adaptive Conversion) mechanism, WALTR 2 can save the integrity of audio and video files by 100%, and can connect when Mac and iOS device (iPod) are on the same Wi-Fi wireless network. The maximum transmission speed is up to 5MB per second, and Xiaobian does not exceed 10 minutes when importing 1.65GB video in wireless mode.

Support all iPod product lines

In addition to supporting iOS devices, WALTR 2 also allows you to use your iPod at home. By connecting your iPod to your Mac with USB, you can quickly import audio files such as MP4, FLAC, and APE into your iPod. The most breathtaking thing is this. The software supports all iPod products released by Apple from 2001 to 2016!

Support for iBooks and audiobook import for the first time

The biggest highlight of this update is that in addition to supporting wireless connectivity, the other is to start getting involved in other file types. You can pass EPUB, PDF, audiobook, and even Ringtones ringtone on your Mac (automatically convert M4A to M4R) through WALTR 2 Import it into your iOS device, then open it directly with the corresponding app on your iOS device without any additional assistance.

The details are polished and original

In addition to various types of file types, WALTR 2 has also been polished for various details. For example, it can support the original code rate to import 192kHz audio files and 4K video with 2160P resolution. The maximum frame rate is up to 60fps. The imported audio files can be Perfect index to Apple Music.

Overall, the WALTR upgrade was very successful. The WALTR 2 is priced at $39.99, and old users can now upgrade for half the price.

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