I had nothing to do during the weekend. I opened XMind ZEN, which had been idle for a long time, and drew a picture of the infernal relationship. I suddenly found out that the goods are still very easy to use. It is not as heavy as XMind 8, and some Basic functions are available, but unlike his brothers, they have the functions of “slide show, brainstorm, Gantt chart”. His task is simply to accompany me to focus on the journey of thinking and divergence.

XMind ZEN lasted three years of development, and the R&D team overthrew all the XMind kernels, rewrote the software engine 100%, and launched the current SNOWBRUSH 2.0 graphics engine.

The Snowbrush core uses SVG technology, an advanced graphics rendering technology called “Black Technology” that not only greatly enhances graphics performance, but also has great scalability. SVG technology makes the components of the mind map (lines, themes, graphics, etc.) better presented. The powerful drawing skills make the mind map break through the limitations of the past and have more possibilities. Compared to the constraints of Java and Eclipse, the Snowbrush kernel with SVG technology has greater scalability.

In the drawing, I did not use the form of father and son theme to expand the relationship between the characters, so it is not easy to divergently expand the connection between the characters. I think it is more appropriate to use the “contact” function, so that I can clearly see Chen Yongren, Liu Jianming’s status as a core figure in the play.

Adding themes (free themes), links, or summaries, tags, attachments, hyperlinks, notes, notes, and stickers to XMind ZEN is very convenient, compared to XMind 8’s ancient XP Win XP painting. The wind is better than 100 Simple Mind.

ZEN also supports Mojave’s dark mode, and its own fishbone diagram, matrix diagram, timeline, organization chart and many other structural diagrams combined with rich color schemes can create a highly personalized mind map.

Entering ZEN, which is the deduction of this software, Zen mode can help users focus on the production, modification, immersion, and thinking of mind maps, providing timing and night mode.

Compared with Mindnode, today’s protagonists express the theme elements as mentioned above. In the same brain map, each theme can be styled differently.

Software support exports brain maps into PNG/PDF/TXT/EXCEL/WORD/OPML/Textbundle formats.

The following is an example of a brain pattern designed with this software displayed on the official website. Let’s take a look:

Travel plan

Dinner ingredients procurement plan

Compared with Xmind 8 Pro, this software is less professional, beautiful, and the graphics structure is flat. It just doesn’t support Gantt chart, demo mode, and price. . .

The software is subscription-based, single-desktop version (up to two devices, one Mac and one PC), single mobile version (iOS, Android), and the monthly subscription price for “Desktop + Mobile” version is $4.58, $1.24, $4.99.

At present, the domestic special edition is only 319 yuan (single desktop) and 349 yuan (desktop + mobile), which is the subscription price for one year. The monthly subscription price is only $3.88 and $4.24 after the US dollar, which is more than the monthly subscription price of the official website. Cheap.

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